• Comprehensive Biokinetics Assessment

What to expect : Your initial 60 minute consult starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your case history. This is followed by a physical examination which may include a postural & movement analysis, strength, flexibility and  other tests with the purpose of guiding the appropriate course of your treatment. 

  • Vitality Fitness Assessment

Book your 45 minute Discovery Vitality Fitness assessment directly with me. Members can earn anything from 2500 to 7500 points depending on your current level of fitness. 

  • Multiply Fitness Assessment 

Book your 30 min Multiply Fitness Assessment. Members can earn up to a maximum of 40 points.

  • Body Fat Assessment

Measure and track your body fat percentage with a seven-site skin-fold caliper measurement. 


Virgin Active

Wembley Square

McKenzie St


Cape Town


Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 6am - 7pm 

​​Saturday: 7am - 11am (may vary- please contact)​

Sunday: Closed

Call:    083 786 2375

Email: safwaan@b1o.co.za


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